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search engine by freefind scheduled as the guest speaker for the 330th and 331st meetings of the Karl Hess Club -- a special two-part presentation -- to convene on June 20 and July 28th, 2022.


     Joseph Miranda on "Road to Ukraine."


What to think and do about the conflict in Ukraine? Is it a war? A "special military operation"? A civil war? Something else? There's much and speculation, but little real journalism or incisive analysis.

We hope to redress this with our two part strategic survey of the situation in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, noting all the geopolitical, economic, societal ramifications.

In June (Part 1), Joseph will analyze Russia's historical interest in, and influence on, the Ukraine beginning with the Middle Ages. His discussion will extend to related U.S. foreign policy and the various myths which drive it.

In July (Part 2), he will focus on key historical events in the modern era, and Russia’s (Putin’s) true motivation.


    About Joseph Miranda


Joseph Miranda has been a libertarian activist since forever, and among other things worked with Dave Nolan in Atlas Communications. He has written and lectured extensively on cybernetics, criminal justice, military strategy and information operations, as well as doing professional consulting on these topics. He has been known to play ice hockey.